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    ul external fire resistance ul 790 built up roofing summary chart **check individual construction listing to insure accuracy** deck max. approvals for combustible decks automatically apply to non-combustible decks. 2. insulation is any thickness one or more layers unless otherwise stated.

  • versadeck modular decking - modular deck panels for decks

    versamods modular deck panels are a lighter and stronger alternative deck material for rooftop decks, ideal for do-it-yourself projects, docks, roof tops and marinas. non-combustible class a. stays cooler in the hot sun. scratch and stain resistant. environmentally responsible. both floating and stationary. use the standard deck squares

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    ibhs decks and wildfire fact sheet 1mb pdf summertime often means cookouts on the deck and gatherings with friends. but did you know that choosing the right kind of materials to build your deck and keeping it clear of combustible materials both on the top and underneath are critical steps in reducing the risk of a wildfire damaging your home?

  • roof decks how to build elevated roof decks

    2. seven trust wood deck tiles. if you long for the classic beauty of real wood deck, are not concerned about regular, long term maintenance and provided local fire codes permit a solid wood deck on your rooftop, solid seven trust wood structural tiles are another option to consider. these modular tiles are not interlocking, but like porcelain pavers mentioned above, are designed to be used with a pedestal

  • non combustible plastic deck - outside wpc deck,wpc

    lockdry aluminum waterproof decking is a maintenance free deck product that 2nd story decks and replawpcs to underdeck floorings and composite decking. nexan's aluminum products are fireproof, non-combustible and do not emit

  • paverdeck - lifetime maintenance-free decks decking

    paverdeck galvanized steel panels can span 12-feet from beam to beam, which results in fewer columns and footings beneath. this is important for elevated decks where you want finished dry space underneath. a paverdeck is designed as a complete galvanized steel structure to support all loads including the surface.

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    steel decking: non-nailable and noncombustible steel decking is widely used. while it is technically non-combustible, rapid heat conduction can cause roof system ignition in the case of an under-deck roof fire. fm global class i and ul insulated metal deck tests evaluate the potential for fire propagation by testing complete roof assemblies.

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    pedestals and adjustable deck supports adjustable bison deck supports elevates a variety of decking surface materials over rooftops, plazas, concrete patios, on-grade, in water features anywhere you want to build a deck. our patented, screw-to-adjust pedestal assures precisely level and smooth decking surfaces.

  • non-combustible flooring - structural engineering general

    i have a client that is proposing to build a garage with a wood floor system. the county is requiring that the flooring be non-combustible. the contractor would like to meet that requirement by using 1/2' cement board on top of 1-1/8' t and g plywood the framing beneath is more than adequate .

  • exterior non combustible wood decking

    amazing deals on hayden 30' home fire pit. however, if you intend to use this item on a wooden deck other combustible surface or any surface that is not entirely resistant to high heat, you must use a non-flammable and heat resistant material such as concrete pavers, brick or stone between the fire pit and the surface.

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    cast from a carefully crafted mold to replicate the life-like grain of real cedar, the tavern shelf captures the natural beauty of wood, but with added durability and fewer restrictions. as a non-combustible material, you won't have to worry about as many clearance restrictions when placing the shelf above your fireplace.

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    per hearthstone's requirements, if it was to be combustible with a shield, it would have been located more than halfway up to the wall to the ceiling. not ideal. i researched for a long time on how to build a non combustible mantel shelf and it seems like almost everyone just has a piece of granite or other stone cut and mounted.

  • rooftop and terrace decks all decked out

    concrete paver decks. precast concrete pavers are non-combustible and durable. where weight is not an issue they are an affordable, fireproof paving choice that feels solid and substantial. they may be set on pedestals to make a level surface, or can follow the slope of the roof set on simple rubber roof protection. read more here.

  • craft-bilt aluminum waterproof decking made in canada

    there is no caulking in our deck joints, and no vinyl or rubber gasket, so you dont have to worry about a seal that could deteriorate over time. proper flashing from the house to the deck boards is important, as it would be with any product, refer to our decking installation guides. q4 is craft-bilt aluminum decking non-skid?

  • products magrahearth non-combustible fireplace mantels

    magrahearth; beautiful stone and wood replica, non-combustible fireplace mantel shelves. features: lightweight, durable, high strength, easy install, and authentic

  • the abcs of roof fire ratings - buildings.com

    over non-combustible roof decks such as steel, poured gypsum, or concrete, only the spread of flame on the top surface of the roof system is evaluated. the maximum flame spread is 6 feet for a class a rated roof, 8 feet for class b, and 13 feet for class c.

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    firecrunch non-combustible decking has been rigorously tested in a full-scale fire test carried out by the csiro /nata labs under as1530.4-2014 fca is t is fire resistant to extremely high temperatures of up to 1200c.

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    maintenance free decking - create a maintenance free aluminum deck that keeps looking great year after year. versadeck decking systems are high performance outdoor aluminum decking products designed to look great for decades. enjoy the value of owning a deck with virtually no annual maintenance costs.

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    university of california cooperative extension this field demonstration shows the performance of three decking products approximately 35 minutes after a standard 6-inch by 6-inch class b burning brand was placed on the top surface of each deck. the untreated redwood far right and the wood-plastic composite at the center comply with california building code chapter 7a requirements for

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    preferably a composite material, not aluminium. the deck framing itself also has to be non-combustible but we've used intumescent pain in past on industrial project and it will suffice in this application. the decking however, has to look good.

  • porcelain pavers for fireproof rooftop decks,terraces and

    looking for non combustible deck material that looks like wood? deckway porcelain planks offer an ideal fire resistant alternative to natural wood planks for the construction of raised decks, rooftop decks and terraces. the 8 long x 12 wide porcelain planks closely resemble the look of wood, but avoid all the pifalls of wood decking.