• hurricane harvey latest news, houston, texas flooding

    continuing live coverage of hurricane harvey, damage, rescue and latest updates from houston, corpus christi, beaumont, holly beach and the affected regions.

  • u.s. businesses torched in pakistan

    an italian cabinet minister from a right-wing party was quoted tuesday as saying he planned to wear t-shirts bearing some of the prophet muhammad cartoons that have angered many in the muslim world.

  • positive points for the u.s.

    a gunman in houston is wanted for shooting and killing second grader jazmine barnes as she rode in her mother's car last sunday. in addition to composite sketch, the sheriff's office released a

  • russia mulls us exports freeze including titanium as

    during a lengthy cabinet meeting wednesday, trump endorsed the soviet invasion of afghanistan in 1979 updated 7m ago apple not the only one hurting from u.s. trade war with china

  • white house counsel was in position to respond earlier to

    white house counsel don mcgahn was in position to learn more and respond more forcefully about porter and his ex-wives' abuse allegations, but there is scant evidence he did.

  • more from cbs this morning news

    a historic moon mission is setting the stage for a new space race, this time between the u.s. and china. the chinese chang'e 4 became the first space probe to land on the far side of the moon.

  • israel decides to continue fence

    israel's cabinet on wednesday approved an extension of a security barrier that would swing around jewish settlements deep in the west bank, but would have large gaps for now to address u.s

  • mccain midnight madness

    from cbs news' john bentley: new york john mccain kicks off the last 48 hours of campning by planning to hit eight states in a two-day whirlwind tour before the polls open tuesday morning.

  • exxon ceo darren woods steps out of tillersons shadow

    houston - darren woods, the new ceo of exxon mobil , is a veteran of the more cautious refining side of the oil business whos likely to focus relentlessly on controlling costs.

  • lights out for talon news

    jennifer ohman, a publicist for talon news, told the houston chronicle that talon had temporarily gone offline because the site's founder, bobby eberle, "can only take so much of a beating" over