The rescue team at Freedom for Farmed Rabbits investigate rabbit farms across Australia, and where possible save rabbits from the putrid conditions that they are forced to live in. Here are a few “before and after” stories of rabbits who were lucky enough to be given a second chance at life.



oliver1 Oliver was rescued from a rabbit farm in Victoria. Barely past weaning, he was already suffering from ulcerated hocks, a respiratory infection and his tiny body was riddled with abscesses.







Oliver recovered from all his health problems once in the loving care of FFR staff members.

Antibiotics cleared up his abscesses and infections, while soft flooring allowed his sore hocks to heal completely. Oliver turned into a bun with a huge personality, he loved a cuddle and was constantly in the search for human attention. He was desexed and re-homed to a loving family so he could finally start living the life he always deserved.


tania1Tania was rescued from a factory farm after she was found stuck underneath the feeding station in her cage. Her leg was also broken after becoming trapped in the wire flooring. She was completely unable to free herself and her mother was becoming extremely distressed knowing her baby was in pain, but unable to help. Had she not been found she would have starved to death. Tania’s tiny body was also riddled in abscesses and she suffered from an upper-respiratory tract infection.




Little Tania was looked after by one of our rescue team members, she received the absolute best care and veterinary treatment. She was put on a course of antibiotics to clear up her infections and abscesses and finally found out what it felt like to sleep in a soft, warm bed. Tania loved the company of the other baby buns who were rescued on the same night (Oliver and Juniper) and also bonded with her foster carer’s dogs. She was an absolute pleasure to care for.




Kim and Mumma


kimBefore: Kim and Mumma were both used as breeding does on a factory farm. Having been on a constant cycle of reproduction for almost two years, they were reaching the end of their productivity and would have soon been sent to slaughter. Kim (left) had an infected left eye, with the socket completely full of pus. Mumma (right) had sore hocks and an infected uterus. A number of her toenails were also missing after being ripped out by the wire flooring of the cage she was confined to. She gave birth a few days after being rescued, but due to her uterine infection, none of the babies survived.




Kim and Mumma both recovered completely from their infections and other health problems once in the care of FFR.kim2

They bonded immediately, after being rescued on the same night. Both were desexed, vaccinated and re-homed together, where they now also have a desexed male bun for company. They love their new lives, where they are able to express all of the natural behaviours they were denied for so long. However, their favourite past-time is chomping down on some fresh greens.








Billy and Lissy

Lissy (pictured) was suffering from a severe head-tilt caused by a middle-ear infection. lissyUntreated this can readily spread to the brain and cause death. She did not know which was was ‘up’ and spent most of her time rolling, she was also unable to feed or drink properly due to her confusion.
Billy had a chronic respiratory tract infection and a number of other infections. Because of this, abscesses developed on his body very readily. He was also emaciated and had a slight head-tilt.






Billy and Lissy (pictured together) bonded immediately after being rescued on the same night. Both were put on intensive antibiotic treatments to help treat and manage their infections. While Lissy’s middle-ear infection never entirely cleared, her head-tilt became less severe and her rolling decreased. Billy’s respiratory infection completely cleared after 4 months of treatment, he put on weight and became a very happy bun. Lissy and Billy absolutely loved each other and were able to live together and finally express all the behaviours they were denied on the factory farm. Lissy particularly loved digging and spent many hours creating holes and flopping in the dirt.




normaNorma was used as a breeding doe on a factory farm. Having been placed on a continual cycle of reproduction she was competely emaciated and suffering from severe mastitis, mammary abscesses and other small and large abscesses all over her body. She also had an upper-respiratory tract infection, common in farmed rabbits. Despite this, the farmer was still using her for breeding and had provided her with no proper treatment.






Though it was originally thought that Norma would have to be euthanised immediately due to her illnesses, this was not the case. This beautiful bun was placed on an intense course of antibiotics to clear the mastitis and abscesses. She was also desexed and vaccinated as her other problems began to subside. Norma had a great time at her new foster home, where she was finally able to express all the natural behaviours she was unable to in the cage she had previously been confined to.


 Willie was used as a breeding buck on a factory farm. He was kept in complete willie1isolation, only receiving company when he was used for mating. He was suffering from a perforated eye and an infected eye socket, as well as an upper-respiratory tract infection, receiving no appropriate treatment for either condition.






Willie’s eye was flushed out and he was placed on an intensive course of antibiotics and pain-relief.

With this treatmenwillie2t his problems began to subside. Willie bonded with a female bun, Star, who was rescued on the same night.