Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is a grass-roots organisation, and as such we rely on the support of our members. If you would like to assist FFR with any of our activism campaigns, please get in touch via email or Facebook.

This page will also provide some simple and effective ways to support our campaigns.


Rabbit Meat:

  • Refuse to eat rabbit meat.
  • Do not support restaurants that serve rabbit meat.
  • Write to restaurants serving rabbit meat explaining your concerns for rabbits living on factory farms.
  • Ask them to remove it from their menu.
  • Write to TV programs such as Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. Let them know that you are disgusted in their use of rabbit meat.

Rabbit Fur:

  • Never buy or wear clothing made from fur. Make sure that the faux fur on your clothing is actually fake.
  • Do not shop at stores that sell fur or items trimmed with fur. Tell the store manager and company president that you will not shop there if they continue to sell fur.
  • Write to stores selling real fur. Ask them to stop selling fur or you will refuse to shop there again.


For both issues of rabbit abuse:

  • Write letters and opinion editorials for your local paper asking people to practice compassion towards all animals: be fur and meat free.
  • ¬†Write to Parliament. Write to your local MP urging that they stop the sale of real animal fur.

Please find below sample letters you can use to write to businesses that exploit rabbits.

Sample letter 1: Television shows
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently become aware that your television programme is preparing meals using factory farmed rabbit meat. Intensively farmed rabbits live short, unhealthy and painful existences, being denied the ability to carry out any natural behaviours. By featuring this rabbit meat on your show, you are both supporting and promoting a cruel and heinous industry.
Please, I implore you, stop featuring factory farmed rabbit meat on your show. I will discontinue watching this programme and tell others to do the same until you cease to partake in this animal cruelty.

Regards, your name.


Sample letter 2: Stores selling rabbit fur
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently become aware of your store selling clothing made from real rabbit fur, along with the skins of other animals. This fur is from intensively farmed rabbits, which are purposely raised and killed for their pelts. Killing methods include electrocution and bashing, though they are most often skinned alive. It is a disgrace that you are supporting and profiting off such an industry.
I will no longer be shopping at your store and will be urging others to do the same. Should you decide to cease using the fur of any animal, I will be happy to resume my patronage.

Regards, your name.


Sample letter 3: Minister for Agriculture
Dear Decision Maker,

I am horrified to hear that domestic rabbits are being intensively factory farmed in this country. The fact that rabbits are being confined to over-crowded, battery cages prevents them from displaying any of their natural behaviours. It also results in numerous inuries from frustrated cage-mates and cage wires. Furthermore, adequate medical treatment is denied to farmed rabbits, due to both the shear number of animals confined per farm and the lack of attention by farmers and farm staff. In addition to this, The Code of Practice needs to be revised as it has not been altered since 1991. It also needs to be made enforceable by law. I implore you to act now and ban the factory farming of all rabbits in this country.

Regards, your name.


Sample letter 4: Restaurants serving rabbit meat
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have recently become aware that your restaurant is serving the meat from intensively farmed rabbits. These rabbits are confined to over-crowded battery cages on factory farms, where they are unable to express any of their natural behaviours. I am appalled to learn that your restaurant would serve the meat from animals which have lead a painful and unnatural existence. I implore you to cease supporting and profiting off animal cruelty and remove all dishes containing rabbit meat from your menu. I will no longer be frequenting your restaurant and will be urging others to do the same. Should you discontinue with your use of rabbit meat, I will gladly resume my patronage.

Regards, your name.