Founded in 2010 as a response to the rabbit farming industry’s unchecked, unchallenged practices, Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is a species-specific abolitionist campaign that aims to shut down Australia’s rabbit factory farms. We investigate rabbit factory farms and witness the industry practices which are concealed behind closed doors.

The purpose of this website is to make this public, and finally bring this heinous industry into the light. We bear witness to the birth, short lives and slaughter of intensively farmed rabbits so that we can tell their story and share them with the world. Between investigations of rabbit farms,

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits members also advocate for these oft-victimised animals in other ways, such as campaigning for the end of cosmetics testing on live animals, pressuring clothing stores to replace rabbit fur with synthetic alternatives, and educating restaurant owners about the true cost of the rabbit meat they serve.

Finally, where possible we also rescue rabbits from situations of abuse and/or neglect. These rabbits are rehabilitated by our dedicated foster carers, provided with the necessary veterinary checks, vaccinations and desexing, and then placed in loving homes. If you are interested in adopting a rescued rabbit, please see the page entitled Adopt on this website. If you need to contact Freedom for Farmed Rabbits, please see the page entitled Contact.

In Summary:

What we do:

  • FFR campaigns to bring an end to the farming of rabbits.
  • FFR’s focus is on exposing the cruel conditions in which these creatures are forced to live and showing the world the inside of farms and slaughter facilities.
  • FFR petitions the government and industries that allow this practice to continue.
  • FFR is appealing to supermarkets and customers to stop buying rabbit meat.
  • FFR is pressuring restaurants, companies and stores to stop exploiting rabbits for meat and fur.

What we call for:
We call for the Australian government to ban the farming of rabbits.
Visit our ‘Get Involved’ page for more ways in which to help get rabbits out of cages and make your voice heard!