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Welcome to the Freedom for Farmed Rabbits website.

We are an Australian organisation working to expose the cruel rabbit farming industry, and abolish the exploitation and abuse of these sensitive animals. Our campaigns range from education and advocacy to undercover investigations and rescue operations.


FFR News

Planinsek- Pop Up Protest!

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Freedom for Farmed rabbits joined with Melbourne’s anti-fur activists to demonstrate outside Planinsek, Melbourne’s largest furrier. The public was largely supportive and many people were shocked to learn of the cruel reality behind... READ MORE

Scanlan & Theodore Protest

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Melbourne retailer Scanlan & Theodore, having refused to remove fur products from their stores, were demonstrated against by FFR over the course of 2011. The demonstrations garnered media attention and were well received... READ MORE

The Press Club- Protest

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Celebrity chef George Calombaris, best known for appearing on tv show Master Chef, was visited by Freedom for Farmed Rabbits demonstrators at his main restaurant- The Press Club. Calombaris had frequently promoted rabbit... READ MORE

Spring Fashion Week- FFR Take Charge!

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Frustrated by the continued use of fur at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, and the organiser’s/ designers refusal to pull fur from their collections, FFR demonstrated outside the event. A small number of... READ MORE